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Thread: What pre-modded wii would u get?

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    What pre-modded wii would u get?

    I got basically 2 pre-modded Wiis i can buy right now:

    Choice 1:
    ''One has the wiikey 2 installed and it runs great. The previous owners had kids so there is some small scratches on the plastic part of the console. Other than that it is in great shape.''

    Choice 2:
    ''My other one is in mint shape and has yaosm 3.2 installed in it . I personally think yaosm runs more stable then the newer chips. It has an update feature as well.''

    Those are the 2 options the guy gave me for 300$ CANADIAN. Ive never heard of the yaosm 3.2 chip since I just started reading about wii moding. So what do u guys think, which once should I go for?

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    no need to post twice about the same thing

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    Sry, my bad.

    But what u think used Wii with wiikey 2 for 300$ CND sounds good?

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    You can get a premodded console, brand new, for $350CAD from yours truly.

    No scratches, and a reliable d2sun modchip installed.

    But if I had to choose, I'd probably go for #1 because I like WiiKey more.

    Why does the console shape matter? It's what's on the inside, no?

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    i dunno is it me or does d2sun sound like a ''cheap'' chip? Isnt that like a clone cheaper chip?

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    go with the wiikey its the best chip besides the wasbi which is a bit more pricy


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