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Thread: HEllo Hackers of THE WII!

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    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Wii and i proceeded to hack it, using the guides and forums posted online. I am learning alot about the scene, but it helps to have good guidance by a forum such as this.

    My efforts went without a hitch, and 1 day after I had the Wii I had it flashed back to 3.2 (from 3.3). I have hacked other consoles in the past, as well as a 360, so I have some experience in this.

    Anyway, thanks and I hope that soon I can help others!

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    Yea, the wii homebrew scene has DEFINITELY grown soooo much over the past months.I have a modded psp, and my DS has an M3 with it....I wouldn't go NEAR my 360 or ps3. lol...terrified....I also heard that you can't go online if you do that??? O_o

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    Hello Whatz Up!New To The Scene

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    Hope you a great time here at wii hacks, happy hacking!

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    well, I got the LG 8082 laptop drive from a toshiba hacked into a Dell for now. I am going to get the USB connector, as the Dell laptopis having HDD troubles.


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