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Thread: FS: LG 8162B + IDE to USB + power cable

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    FS: LG 8162B + IDE to USB + power cable

    Hi folks.

    I have an LG 8162 B. I used an IDE to USB cable and power to make this an external drive. It is not in an enclosure.

    Disclaimer: I have been able to get it to work with Raw dump approx 40% of the time.

    I have googled all over and it may be that the 8162B drive works better as an IDE rather than a USB.
    with Windows XP, you have to click that start dump button before closing the tray of the drive.

    I am also missing the jumper that sets it from master to slave to cable select. As a USB, this jumper does not matter. As an IDE with modern CPUs, it probably does not matter either.

    Nevertheless, you may need to use a jumper from something else or another store if as IDE your CPU cannot see it.

    So, I am selling the above for $35 USD including shipping in the States. Overseas add $15 dollars to ship.
    I will only accept paypal as it will allow me to refund you should you not get Raw dump to work.

    Yes, I will refund you the price and you keep the drive if you cannot get Rawdump to work. Of course, it takes a little honesty on both of our parts.

    So, in summary: LG 8162B + IDE to USB + power cable for sale.

    if you cannot get either USB or IDE connectivity to work with raw dump, I will refund you the money and you can keep the drive as it still works for non ripping purposes.

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    Im interested. What payment method do you prefer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xynergy View Post
    Im interested. What payment method do you prefer?
    I will PM you



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