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Thread: disc read errors

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    Ca disc read errors

    I just installed a wiikey 2 with clip, the games ive copied are giving me disc read errors during gameplay, and a couple wont read at all, im using memorex dvd-r 16x and burnt them at 4x, should i use different discs or burn them again at a faster speed? Or do you think this a problem with the wiikey?


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    if the games are loading dont think it would be your key also look at the disc see if there are underburn or write errors if it looks patchy could be your writer i have been using cheap media with a sony optiarc writer no probs could always try verbs def the best disc you can buy.
    hope this helps

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    I went out and bought verbatim disks and there doing the same, some wont read at all. Could this be cause by my dvd burner?

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    What firmware you running?

    If it is 3.2 some games require you to patch some IOS's

    Also scrubbed games do not work o 3.3 and higher firmware

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    Most likely dvd burner. Sometimes switching to different media makes both discs burn worse. They remember the media and so changing it sometimes throws them out of wack.

    Try updating the firmware on your dvd burner. Then burning your verbatim at 4x.

    Make sure your ISO are not scrubbed (around 2 gig). The game should be bigger than 4 gig and it should work.

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    Strangely enough, I have been able to play my MKWii with no issues up until tonight. Now all of a sudden it arbitrarily decides it no longer wants to read the disk.

    I get the 'error reading disk RTFM' error at different spots during the loading of the game. I dont know if this can be attributed to the disks themselves or some weird bug Nintendo dropped into my console. I downgraded to 3.2u a while back and strangely enough it was back to 3.4u tonight...

    Blame the daughter for this?

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    what others hv been loaded after MK ?
    there appeared a wifi updated. and 3.4u brocks fake signed games. not 3.2u.
    blame big-N for the conspiracy. lol

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    Really i've had numurous problems with DRE...I've had games work in a wii then put the same game in completely different wii and won't work....but definately try verbatims and slow speed...I've also switched out the laser lens in a few wiis, then all dre completely went away. So I have concluded that it is mostly due to weak lasers that nintendo puts in the wii's


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