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Thread: My chip is totally busted! brand new

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    My chip is totally busted! brand new

    Hello, ive been experiencing problems with my wii-chip.

    When i first installed it the drive was dead, then a day later it started working..and it kept swapping from the drive being dead to the chip working.
    However to start the chip working, id have to budge to the top of my wii and it would normally start up again.(the wii was still dissambeld,)

    However i re assembled my wii. And it was working fine last night, woke up this morning and the three back ups i had wernt being read! My drive was fine, it was reading my originals. But not my back up, as if my wii has no mod chip?

    please can anyone help me!



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    1. it might not be so smart to start the same thread 3 times in a row! at least 2 should be closed.

    2. i don't own a modchip so i don't exactly know what to do, but there are 2 things that might help:

    a) update your modchip.if your modchip doesn't have the latest update it might not work as expected.

    b) if you think the person/company who modded your wii messed it up, why not simply contact the person/shop/company or whoever modded your wii??

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    Thanks, well firstly. The mod chip is now working...but in a few hours it will ethier make my drive dead or not read back ups! it keeps doing this its so irritating, i self modded it with a wii clip.

    Also i searched for updates , it says the chip is updateable via dvd but i cant seem to find any update discs anywhere or firmware or anything!`

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    you update a modchip by downloading the newest firmware onto your computer (of course you'll have to know which modchip you own). burn the update I THINK as an autoboot disc and then put it into your wii...your modchip should now be able to update.

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    Ah yeah thanks, i know but i cant seem to find any firmware for the wiizard. It jus has one firmware but thats only to let the chip work on D2E and i dont really need that,

    unless theres something im missing


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