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Thread: Brought a Japanese Wii

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    Brought a Japanese Wii

    I brought a Japanese Wii from thailand.
    I brought a few games from thailand, the games are in english not sure if they are Pal(E) or NTSC(U) (anyway of finding out)

    I dont want to brick my wii, ive heard that you have to keep the wii updated via internet so the Pal(E) or NTSC(U) games won't brick the Jap Wii.

    1. Can i update the wii without connecting to the internet if so where from and how?

    2. If im not connected to the internet does that mean the wii can still get bricked.

    3. Whats the best way of not bricking the jap wii.

    4. Anyway of changing the menu to english (if not, maybe in the future)

    5. I havent a clue on what chip/mod i have, anyway of finding out

    thanks jjssj

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    1. Yes. Certain games update your Wii.

    2. Yes. refer to 1. An european (PAL) game that has an update can brick it.

    3. Check with the vendor. Read the Forum to find out games that carry an update. Know what region the game is for. To be safe stick to NTSC games. To be doubly safe stick with NTSC-J games only.

    4. Nope. Not at the moment.

    5. Not unless you strip the case off.

    My Jap Wii was semi bricked with the PAL Mario Strikers game that was patched to run on NTSC. But I've heard that Big Brain Academy for USA has an update that will fix it.

    hope this helps


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