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Thread: problem whit starfall

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    problem whit starfall

    ok i got everything working on my wii. now there is one thing i cant figure out to get it working.

    i got firmware 3.2E on the way all the faqs tell me to do so thats correct.

    now i want to install starfall. its saying all the risk en they or not reponsible that kind off stuff. and it says to press B+2 to continue.

    B+2 is not working for me. does someone know how to fix it ?

    greetz nicky

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    I cant remember, Theres a cryptic thing in there and it says instead of press b + _ press the other one,

    once you know which one your pressing right, you gotta push it heaps of times...

    Its not a simple push it once and it loads, push it heaps of times together, it will work

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    Push all the buttons at the same time Wasn't it B + A or B + 1?

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    thnx it works

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    lol guys it's B + 1 in fact ^^

    and yeah you have to try serveral times to get it to work ^^


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