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Thread: ocarina - Animal Crossing Help RUUP01

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    ocarina - Animal Crossing Help RUUP01

    Hi all ive tried everything to get The Codes to work on animal Crossing. Basically im loading up gamma 0.3 and turning on ocarina after putting the codes through Code manager which i know are correct and putting them onto my SDCard. But for some reason when i load my save game and press Z-C-Up the money cheat doesnt work. anyone got any ideas?!

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    ok, 2 things.
    one are you definaitaly sure that you have the Pal codes (for the game ID RUUP01), if not then this could cause a problem. Otherwise try loading it up useing geco OS that worked for me.

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    Where do u find PAL codes im going crazy in finding or even looking on how to convert it atleast do you have a site that has the list of codes for PAL version?

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    I have a compleate current pal code list. PM me and i will send them to you.


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