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Thread: no glory yet

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    Us no glory yet

    ahh well ive not seen my torrent invite so i lay here on the digital beach watching all you people with private torrents,so i decide to get up and take my public torrent (resembles a little plastic boat) to the waters edge.watching all the private trackers cruse by me at lightning an my little boat are having fun just slowly downloading... when one of you private torrent users rips by me at quantum speeds, only to sink my boat,as i sit there on the shore line watching my plastic boat sink,i remember that theres NO GLORY IN PUBLIC TORRENTS,

    ps let me know how you like my story lol

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    I found a picture of your boat,

    I call it the "failboat"

    If you want to see my boat,

    its "Knight Boat" The crime solving boat!


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