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Thread: Problem With Scrubbed Games

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    Problem With Scrubbed Games

    I downloaded House of Dead and it was wii scrubbed, whenever I try to start the game the wii just goes to a black screen. I have wiikey2 and my wii is version 3.4 or 3.5. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    I believe you need to be at Firmware 3.2 to play scrubbed games, you may have to patch some IOS's to make some of the games work as well.

    I found the answer in AV's post

    imports or scrubed games dont work on 3.3+
    the fake sign bug got patched, so you must use the full game, or boot in geckoOS
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    scrubbed ISOs get expeled at 3.3+

    DOH_Overkill_PAL 1:1 iso copy was verified playable with Gecko.
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