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    Error 324

    Hi dear all,

    I have the 3.3E, did the usual installation succesfully of the homebrew channel, installed the ios and the gamma launcher and i couldnt wait to test with some backups....

    so i tried these two:

    monopoly PAL
    wii music PAL

    i burned both of them with the exact same way, on speed x2, on TDK-R 16x

    they both gave me error 324....

    searching around forums i saw somewhere that if i go and modify the settings of the launcher (the controller) to the default one, this could potentially help.....

    so i tried and guess what

    monopoly loads fine !!!!!!

    wii music not

    any ideas please?

    should i start from the scratch and follow the EOC guide instead?

    please help meeee


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    i am using a pal wii and used eoc guide i have wii music working perfectly

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    ok DONE

    i followed EOC guide and wii music works now fine !!!!


    in the meantime i burned the mario kart, and unfortunately nothing.... it stays forever on a black screen... never loads.....

    any idea why?

    forgot to mention, there is no error no nothing.... it just stays there forever
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    install cIOS36, if not coz of bad media

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    thanks a lot! will try this when i go home. hope it works!!!!


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