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Thread: Custom system menu "cSM"

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    Ca Custom system menu "cSM"

    Thats right folks, I found this over @ GBAtemp and looks like it may have a "possibility" of being the answer to the prayers of thoes doing softmods!!!!

    Its a complete custom system menu including a dashboard intended to replace the standard system menu. Done by Forsaken, he is also accepting donations for his project as every bick he makes has to be sent in for repairs to "N" @ $75 a unit.

    This is the link to the thread I found: cSM Sneak Peek! -

    Here is a link to his blog: -> Portal

    This look very promising and is apparently closing in on a release.

    Can we sticky this

    *fingers crossed*
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    Sign the petition to get custom themes on wii - Wii Custom System Menus Petition

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