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Thread: 3.4 USA softmod question

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    Us 3.4 USA softmod question

    Hey guys,
    I just did the twilight princess mod for my system(i have homebrew). I want to play a backup copy of my smash brothers. What do i need to get i was looking at something gator but don't know what to do...thanks ...I was thinking about downgrading to please base it off of 3.2
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    you must downgrade to 3.2 to play SSBB and just about every other back-up game. if you follow the direction of the 3.4-3.2 you'll be fine.

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    first thing i would do is downgrade your firmware to version 3.2 then search for wiigator and get the latest backup launcher,most of the files youll need will be in the zip file,make a folder on desktop and unzip the files into the folder,then insert your sd card in to the pc load the files from the folder to the app folder on the sd card.insert it in front of wii then boot your homebrew find the Cios installer and follow the directions, you can read more about this here in the tutorials fourm good luck.

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    Thanks guys for the quick reply...i am using the guide...okay i have dowloaded the files i needed. I put them on my sd card then put load the homebrew channel nothing pops up? am i doing it in the wrong area?? lmk...also i dowloaded the gator beat 3 do i put apps on the homebrew channel..i know with an sd card but does it go in root dir, where do i put them....

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    To clarify, do i put it in private in the SD section?? or do i go to wii like i did for zelda...i know its simple but i am a newb. Also with the geko backupreader, how do i put that on my memory stick also...

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    nevermind got all the way to starfall, its says to press b+2 to continue i did that... I held down b then didn't do anything the only button that works is home...

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    got it for now...


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