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Thread: problem with new games

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    problem with new games

    I have been backing up games for one year without a problem. i have a d2c chip in my wii. just recently a friend came over and installed the twilight hack with homebrew channel. now the games i back up don,t work skate it, smackdown 09, guitar hero legends of rock. i erased the homebrew and it still does not work. i tried each game diff write speeds and two diff media i usually use verbatim with no problems. wii is at 3.3 if that matters with a modchip. what do i need to do to get back on track.

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    Maybe reburn the games at a slower speed than before?

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    When the games don't work do you get a message or black screen?

    Original games work OK?

    HBC should not have an effect.

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    I get a red box that says the game disc could not be read refer to manual for details. I tried at the lowest speed and also fast same results. sometimes the game will start and a few seconds in the game the red box comes on. originals work fine but kids will scratch them up in no time. the name of the game always appears in the channel menu. thanks for any suggestions.
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    Hmmm.... reinstall HBC? (Do it if it's your last resort, just wait for more responses)

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    use any title deleter to get rid of ios 249...then your wii will b in same condition as before

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    i deleted ios 249 without any results. it deleted but did not fix my problem
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