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Thread: I am Worried about Homebrew

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    I am Worried about Homebrew

    I will be honest I have no clue what I'm doing but have read scary things about using homebrew channel. Like Bricking maybe someone can tell me what that is? or if i have extended warranty i should wait, is that true? Lastly, how do i do it?

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    but i still worry about screwing up my wii and making it unusable. any thoughts

    Thans in advance

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    if you follow the Faqs guides corectly your pretty much safe in sure the bricking rate is it's 0.7 chance somthing like that so it pretty safe if you do everything Correctly

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    If the majority of the people here follow the guides fully and haven't bricked their wii's what makes you think you will?

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    I downgraded mine , installed homebrew channel with gamma loader no probs just read the tutorials and faq's My wii is still going strong. When in doubt ask. Search first then ask.

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    Thank you all

    I read a lot of post and guess i'm just a nervous person.

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    You are hacking to get something for free, along with that you always assume some sort of risk. Follow the guides closely and you will better your chances of not having a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notsurewhatimdoing View Post
    I read a lot of post and guess i'm just a nervous person.
    In that case........ put your hand in your pocket ( or someone else's ) and get a professional to install a mod chip for you

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    For every post where someone goes "OH NOESS!!! I bricked my wii!"
    There are proabably a lot more success stories unposted. 'Cause usually people only post when they have a problem and not when they are successful.

    Don't worry, I'm sure that if you follow the guides properly you'll be fine.

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