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Thread: Unable To Play SPM & Zelda

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    Unhappy Unable To Play SPM & Zelda

    Kind souls out there...

    I cant play Super Paper Mario & downloaded Zelda.

    1. SPM
    Disc started, prompt for "Press any key to start". However, no button able to start like other games. Remote just cant get the game start. Game proceeds to introductory story telling... Nothing can be done besides reset it or eject the disc.

    2. Zelda
    Able to start with the initial button. However, screen turn black and nothing can control after this. Power off is the only option.

    Firmware vers. is 2.2J
    Set bought from HK, modded.

    Pointers needed...

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    its either the problem is with the game or the modchip. ive got zelda on a modded wii and it works fine.finished the games though

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    first of all what kind of modechip do you have wiikey?? if not tell me and second

    if you have problems with super paper mario and zelda try to download the right version of your console,if you have a pal console so download a pal version
    good luck

    btw maybe its will help you: Wii Region Patcher Compatibility List - WikiTemp

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    try changing you tv settings to pal 50
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