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Thread: mysterious ??? channels!

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    Question mysterious ??? channels!

    Hi there have used all of the excellent tuts to install homebrew channel, downgrade to 3.2e, install wads and use backup launcher[wiigator] thankyou!!!
    when in the data managment on wi channels it shows ??? channels can i get rid? also having trouble with starfall not showing up to be installed on sd card even tho its in the apps folder.
    thankyou for all your brilliant work!

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    Did the back launcher install a Wii Channel, If so then there a good chance the ??? is relating to that. I noticed the samething on my Wii after i installed the backup laucher channel.

    Have put the starfall folder under the apps folder on your SD Card?

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    I had one after doing a tut...just look at what channels you all have, then look at what one is MISSING from the channels in settings...thats what one it is. It was one of the 3 backup loaders for that didnt work even.

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    thanks guys i hadn't re named the starfall file to boot.dol did that and it worked fine!! what a dumb ass!
    is it safe to get rid of the ??? channel?


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