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Thread: Korean or US Wii - Is it worth the 60 UKP difference

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    Korean or US Wii - Is it worth the 60 UKP difference

    Hi Guys

    I am in Thailand and have the choice of buying either the Korean or the US version of the Wii. Both machines are chipped with Wasabi Zero but the Korean machine is 60 UK pounds cheaper than the US version. Thats quite a difference.

    My question is simple. I would appreciate the opinions of those who know whether it is worth the hassle of changing and reconfiguring the machine to get it to display in English and play all games or would it just be oh so much smoother to pay more for the US machine and have no regrets later ?

    PS I am a newbie to the Wii but an avid learner if that makes any difference

    Thanks for your time. advice and opinions


    PS Thanks also to the moderators who do a great job here......

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    There doesn't seem to be a great deal of knowledge about the Korean Wii's intimate workings compared to the USA or European models.
    I would say go the yankee version personally

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