Alright, i just got my d2pro9 v3 installed on a dms board (5 wire). The wii is NTSC. It started correctly (red and blue flash), and i put guitar hero in, which it is reading, but I haven't actually started the game yet. The wii is running 3.4u firmware.

Recently, i did my first wii mod with the same chip, but the first game I loaded was a PAL game. It loaded fine, but after a reboot, it wouldn't read anything, no originals, nothing.

My question is, what should I do at this point to prevent me being an idiot like last time (im starting by asking before I touch it). Should I load the homebrew channel and the d2pro config disk to have fixes in case I somehow brick my wii? And should I run any sort of update with a NTSC game before trying a pal?

I do appreciate your help with this. Thanks