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Thread: Wad manager issue

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    Wad manager issue

    running 3.2u firmware downgraded from 3.3u, wad manager was working fine, did all steps to downgrade firmware so i didnt have to use wadmanagerios16 anymore, was having some unrelated problems and tried to redo the process of downgrading, after reinstalling firmware 3.2u with "Downgrade" boot.dol for a second time, cant load wads from wad manager have to use wadmanagerios16, but to uninstall wads i can use wad manager, this is really weird, i tried to re-install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad in wad manager and that went fine then i went to do the cIOS_fix.wad in wadmanagerios16 and got "ret-1029". and when i try to install wads from wad manager i get "ret-1035", but wad install from wadmanagerios16 fine and to uninstall i have to use the regular wad manager, does anyone know what i have to do to use my regular wad manager again???
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    well this is odd... hmmm.

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