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Thread: Player 1 not workin on certain games???

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    Player 1 not workin on certain games???

    i have the wiikey 2 and also rolled back to 3.2u so i could install wads easily. Well everything was going fine untill recently, player 1 stoped working once the game loads up, only for certain games imports and home region. only been 1 day since i switched from softmod to chip, diff console. Now when i first loaded up chipped wii, everything ran fine but the only thing diff i did since i played those certain games last was run mario kart(original and have update blocking on chip and no mario kart channel) and installed opera browser WAD. now player 1 wont work when game loads up on some games u can start up player 2 and that works but which ever wiimote u start game with wont work once game starts. when i installed opera browser( my region) it said writing data when it was ran for the first time, thats the only thing i could imagine that was done. now i uninstalled opera browser wad but no luck, is there a title i need to delete or something, this is driving me crazy now cause i cant play 2 players on tatsonoko or castlevania, i thought it was an import issue but it happend on a home region game, has anyone ever heard of this??? the best is that the player 1 light is on, on the controller that is not working and you can push the home button and bring up the home wii system menu, this is so strange. and its not 1 specific wiimote, its which ever 1 is player 1, so its not a wiimote sync issue. The games that stopped working were, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania judgment, and tatsonoko vs capcom. any help would be so appreciated, its gotta be something in the system, not a try another game or try a diff wiimote type of thing,
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    never mind, it was a because the wavebird gamecube controller was interfering. thanks anyway!

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    Haha glad you found out the problem.

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    Thank you for posting your solution........
    it may help somebody else in the future


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