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    RapidShare Questions/Discussion

    I have recently started a RapidShare Premium Account ...

    I was wondering if there is a work around with the rapidshare points awarded for downloads. I know that every completed free user download you get one point.

    Heres the questions part.
    I have Dsl. Each time I push a button it disconnects an reconnects under a Brand New IP. They do not recycle. So always different. Over 100 tries already to get the same and can't.

    I have firefox with it set to block all Cookies. Also every time it is closed it erases all Browsing History, Download History, Saved Form and Search History, Cache, Cookies, Offline Website Data, Saved Passwords, Authenticated Sessions. As if a fresh install everytime I open it. I use IE as my default for my regular use.

    Now each time I reset my ip adress. Go to my download link, Free User download it. Then change ip again an check rapidshare account. I received no points for the download.
    Instead of see'ing the you have reached your download limit thought. That has been reset due to the new ip adress. Why do I get no points. Is it the internal Ip adress I need to change also.

    I really want to figure this out. Cause I then automouse. My computer will change ip, download the link, and rack me up free months at no human interface.

    Here is a few links. There is over 9999999GB's of stuff I am still working to upload. This is only 9 days in progress. I have every Wii game, xbox360, computer software there is to date full verions to upload. Years worth of uploads and a 70 hour a week job..

    Computer Software
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Sly Soft - AnyDvd Versions
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Wii Channel Wad Games
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Computer Software
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Sly Soft - AnyDvd Versions
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Wii Channel Wad Games
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
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    Ok, I got this all sorted out now. The only thing that was wrong is that the file must be 5.0MB. So I uploaded a file into my account of 5.0mb exact.

    I now have my second computer running auto-mouse.

    It signs into my dsl service.
    Opens FireFox.
    Inserts my download link.
    Clicks on Free User.
    Waits 30 seconds then downloads the 5.0Mb file.
    Logs outta my dsl service.

    Then logs into my dsl service and repeats all steps over again. Giving me a new ip adress each time.

    Racking up rapidshare points for leaving a computer on. :-D

    Edit: I had just read something about you can gain up to 255 points per day. Is that the limit by rapidshare? Is there actually a limit.
    If you know please respond , Cause if so I can set the computer to do the auto mouse 255 times then shutdown the pc and save some electric usage.
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    Just posting to Update you all and I guess give you a little information on how to rack up rapidshare points. This will also allow any free user to keep downloading without the 15 minute timer for download limit reached.

    First you need to have FireFox. I still have IE as my default. Just added a Firefox icon beside it on my desktop. Just install it. Then to below settings.

    Open FireFox and click on Tools. Then in the New Window. Under Private Data, Put a check mark in Always clear private data when I close Firefox. Now beside that click on settings. Be sure that everything there has a check mark and click on ok. Click ok on the options menu.

    Now Firefox is set to basically erase everything you have done like a fresh install each time you X out that internet window.

    Now you must have DSL.
    The great thing about DSL is that each time you reconnect to the server you get a new ip adress. Some internet providers use recycled ip adress. Meaning you will get the same 5-10 ip adress over an over. I got Verizon Fios 50Mbps service with over 1 Mil relogs and never a recycled IP.
    There is 2 ways to reconnect to your dsl. One is to simple turn the modem power off then on. At any speed you like. Instant works. When it cycles back on and is transmitting your golden. Or you can set your computer to a internet connection that requires a username and password. That way you bypass the plug/button play with a simple desktop icon. Later used to create a Bot that will do this all for you. While you sleep or outdoors...

    Thats it just open FireFox and go to the link you wanna download. I set my default page to my download link from my premium account so as soon as I open firefox my download link is there to click on then i click on free user wait 30 seconds and download my file. Close firefox and that makes it reset be sure to close the little download window also. Check one Rapidshare point toward my 1000 for a free month. Then I click on my Log in Icon to disconnect from my dsl service. Then I just click on Log In with the user name and password saved. New Ip and fresh firefox. Open and download same file again.

    Because its time consuming to wait out the 30 seconds each time you need to Free User to gain the point. I use AutoMouse. You can google and find it easy. Its free, It can write a profile of recorded mouse clicks and have your computer record everything you do and then run it on a cycle and watch it open firefox wait the 30 seconds, download, disconnect an reconnect all on its own.

    Note: Be sure your file is over 5Mb to actually get a point.
    This will also work for any forum or cookie, cache, ip bans.


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