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Thread: Animal Crossing can't run on GAMMA

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    Question Animal Crossing can't run on GAMMA

    I soft modded my NTSC-U wii with the twightlight hack, installed HBC, IOS and cIOS downgrade into 3.2U then Gamma and installed starfall and some custom IOS (IOS 38) intended for Animal crossing

    Used imgburn burnt a Verbatim DVD+R at 6X (lowst it can go) then put the disc in and pressed gamma then pressed start

    then it goes to a black screen and i waited for about a minute then i shut the wii off. repeat several times with the same result

    i want to ask is it a Media problem or the Softmod problem or i just have to wait longer

    thankyou for your answers
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    Have you installed ios38 ??

    Please use the search function It's at the top of every forum

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    yes i have

    i thoght its the DVD+R
    gona buy -R and change the speed
    hope it will work

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