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Thread: installing cIos on 3.3

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    installing cIos on 3.3

    I keep reading on the guides here to downgrade in order to use wad installer and VC games.
    I never downgraded, and I'm on 3.3e.
    What I did:
    installed homebrew channel
    installed dvdx
    (installed a few emulators to test hbc, everything worked)
    Later, not knowing about the donwgrading, I installed wad manager 1.3 and tested it with a couple of wads to see if it worked, and it did.
    I just installed a couple so I can't say I tested it thoroughly, yet both wad manager and wads worked.

    so the question is, since 3.3 seems to manage all homebrew, does anyone know if cIos 36 rev 7 can be installed in 3.3?
    Anyone tried that?

    Also, I'd like to know if there's a difference between removing a wad using wad manager or via wii system menu


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    There are 3 versions of 3.3 and it appears you have the one that doesn't block Wad installation,
    Don't forget it goes in the app folder, its a Cios installer as a form of a app
    and the Wii NEEDS internet connection


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