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Thread: Cant make up my mind please help

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    Cant make up my mind please help

    I cannot make my mind up on what chip to go for I dont know whether to go for open source chip or just a normal one that can be updated.

    Please Help
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    If you ask me today, I would say just do the wiikey... its relatively cheap, no headache and a big install base... so if there are any problems, i would think the 'community' would try to come up with a solution...

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    I have read around that the Wiikey has had its reviews droped lower because of no update being released plus what about the Wiip V2

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    Yes, I have read about this as well..

    So why is everyone upset about that? Do we need an update? I really havent had any problems...

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    I think I will go for the Wiinja Deluxe chip


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