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Thread: 3.4u to 3.2e and Black and White screen O.o

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    Unhappy 3.4u to 3.2e and Black and White screen O.o

    Hey Guys.

    I have a big Problem.
    First i had Firmware 3.3e and this was right so i downgraded to 3.2e and then i go sleep

    Now my sister downgrade the 3.2e to 3.2u ...

    So i patched up to 3.4u and i want now 3.2e how does this work?

    So 3.4u to 3.2e pls help..

    And the other problem is my Wii is complete in Black and White...


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    Why don't you read ??
    3.2E = Europe (PAL)
    3.2U = USA (NTSC)
    Start again & patch it to 3.2E


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