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Thread: SD card set-up question

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    SD card set-up question

    hey y'all [ver 3.2e, soft mod, HBC]

    i've just got HBC on the wii - thanks to this site...

    I've loaded on all the start-up stuff from eoc's .zip, including wad manager.
    I would like to start by adding a VC game.

    Hence my questions:

    All the folders I used to execute twilight hack and get HB (from the eoc start up) that are on my SD card: APPS, WAD, PRIVATE, 00000001, boot.dol -

    1. Do I delete all/some of these folders and their contents from the card? (I know I need a WAD and an APPS folder) or just add the 'sonic2.wad' file I downloaded to the existing files in the WAD folder (cios_fix.wad, IOS.wads) and keep it all on the card permanently?

    2. thereafter, anytime I add a VC game, I just add it to this existing WAD folder, leaving the {answer question 1} folders on the card permanently.

    4. I can delete the sonic2.wad from the sd card after installing successfully?

    stick it in the wii, run wad manager, press my + on sonic.....and away we go - I should have a sonic channel.

    5. As currently nothing is showing on the HBC channel but bubbles, does this mean I have incorrectly installed WAD Manager, or simply that there weren't any games on the SD card to install yet?

    Thanks so much to anyone who will confirm this for me... your tuts and guides have brought me so far already... so close....

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    1. You can, Or you can leave them, Up to you

    2. As said, you can leave them or delete,

    4. yes

    5. once you click start, It will access the sd card, and should show you what apps you are able to run from the sd card.

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