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Thread: how do u put a wii remote as a mouse on the computer

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    Talking how do u put a wii remote as a mouse on the computer

    plz can any body tell me step by step!!!

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    Wii remote as mouse

    Items needed:
    USB Bluetooth dongle. (I picked mine up from wal-mart for 16 dollars.)
    WiinRemote, Or GlovePIE, i personally like WiinRemote better, but the choice is yours.
    Wii Remote (duh.)

    Step one: install Bluetooth software, and connect your Wii Remote to your PC. (if you need detailed instructions on this, PM me, as each bluetooth software is different.) I suggest taking the battery cover off, and holding the SYNC button the entire time while connecting your wii remote to your computer.

    Step two: Open Wiinremote, Go to preferences, make any changes you want to the button layout. For instance, i use my wii remote mainly for music control, ie, the left and right button scroll through songs, A is play/pause, plus and minus control the volume. However, you can set it to do pretty much anything.

    Step three: Press Enable Mouse, or the B button if you left the buttons at default, find the sweet spot, for me, its all the way to the right of my computer.

    Wiin Remote:

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    thats cool, but is it worth spending the money?


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