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Thread: newbie needs some quick help

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    newbie needs some quick help

    so i plan on getting a wii, ive got a ps3 and 360 but this resident evil just looks too fun. so i wanted to get it modded but my biggest thing is i want to be able to play online. xbox started banning people with modded consoles did nintendo start doing this or is there talk of it yet? and also how much should i expect to pay for my wii to be modded is it difficult, ive seen ads for $80i paid some kid 20 to mod my 360. Mod= able to play backups. thanks

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    Currently you can play online with a modded wii with no problems... although there are not many online games yet...

    I'm not sure what nintendo plans to do about it if anything... people have been playing DS game backups for a long time with no problems....

    The chip should prob be around 40+50bux plus installation..

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    damn 360 was so much cheaper to mod, any cheap modders on the forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatg View Post
    damn 360 was so much cheaper to mod, any cheap modders on the forums

    there's alot of cheap modders everywhere...if you want the premier chip's the wiikey...rock solid and stable...other chips have come and gone.....

    most quality modders that offer free warranty will stick to a certain price because the genuine chip costs more and a quality install takes more time....usually somewhere around $80 cad plus shipping if not local.

    I believe your xbox360 mod was probably just a firmware drive flash without any modchips the price should be about $15-$30

    hope that clears up a few things.........


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