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Thread: Wii won't turn off/can i system update?

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    Wii won't turn off/can i system update?

    Couple of questions guys:

    First off my Wii has twice not been able to switch off on the front and ive had to turn the power off at the plug which has resulted in the plug blowing a fuse. The little hand doesn't appear and basically the Wii seems to lock up, the only way like i said is to turn it off at the mains. Is this a result of the wii being modded?

    Second question is that i have Wii Fit on original (can't seem to find PAL version), since getting it modded it's asking for a system update, should i go ahead and upgrade or could this brick my machine?

    Can't check the details on the wii as i can't turn it on till i go buy some fuses lol!

    Anyway i have the Homebrew channel and i think backup loader 0.3, thx for any help chaps!!!!

    Edit: my bad i didn't know about unplugging all leads from wii/socket and leaving for 1 minute, power is back on! Nearly had heart failure there!

    So now my main question is this system update, will up it downgrade etc?
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    I don't know about the upgrading...I know my own wii freezes on loading backups and occasionally simply loading an HB app. I do have to hold the power button down for up to 10 seconds sometimes to get it to turn of. If that works for you I'd expect it'd be a safer idea for you.

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    1. wii frozen coz of game conflict.
    2. update with wiifit_usa/wiifit_jpn to a 3.xE will cause a brick.
    3. once unplug the main, wait 1 minute b4 re-power. prevent the surge current to blow ur fuse.

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    Thx for the replis guys! Yeah googled that problem with no stand by light and now the Wii is working A OK! As for the system update, i have a PAL version of Wii Fit and i think i'll leave it for a while then just to be on the safe side!

    Someone did mention dl'ing a file called starfall which bypasses the update but i can't seem to find it!?

    edit* managed to get that starfall, starfallv0.5-cred.dol, can i only install that onto the HB channel via an SD card?
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