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Thread: Safe to put new IOS on my Korean Wii

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    Safe to put new IOS on my Korean Wii

    I've got a modded Wii with homebrew. I'd like to install some of the new IOS. Is this safe of the Korean region? I've heard the Korean IOSs are a little funky compared to the other regions.

    I have TP hack (JAP). When I exit games via the home button I get either English, Korean, or Japanese. It seems random to me because most of my games are U.S. Does this have to do with the IOS?

    Also, I'm not connected to the internet, but my weather channel seem to be a combination of gobblygook and Japanese.

    Finally, in my menu sometimes the channel labels (they popup when you move the cursor over them) show Korean, sometimes English, and sometimes naught. Again is this an IOS issue.

    Will upgrading my IOSs with the ones on this site fix these small issues?


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    cIOS Installation is safe for Korean Wii.


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