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    Ca Hi there

    Hey everyone, I havent bought my Wii yet, but anytime soon I'll be getting it. Already starting my game list up so I'm ready to go as soon as I get it
    Just thought I'd join up to get some more info on the wii and all the differnet hacks and whatnot. I really wanna find out what Chip I should get.. Some say the wiikey is good, some say it's bad. Who knows. also I just read that the "Wiip 2" should be out soon. Hmm. so many out there to choose from.

    One thing I couldnt figure out so far about this site... How come there are no details in the torrents. For example "WII Pack 12" when you click more it just downloads the file. How do I find out what this is?
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    Welcome aboard!

    The torrents are currently being pulled via RSS feeds.... i'm working to improve this so it can display more information..

    stay tuned =)

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    Welcome To the Forum! Hope you enjoy!


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