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Thread: Bleach Vs Crusade halpx!

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    Bleach Vs Crusade halpx!

    So i got this game to work by running thru gamma with the fix.. Played it for a while and its awweeeeesomeeee

    But but....

    How to get online? I click the wifi option > 1st option and it brings me to a "key in something" screen which i assume is your nickname? After i key that in it says in kanji "looking for network" then it fails. Thing is, it didnt even ask me to key in my wifi password etc. So my question is how do i set this up??

    P.S Theres still alot of folks who cant get the game to work. For those with a modchip, its very simple, here's what i did if u need help.
    1. Install IOS 55
    2. Dont use GeckoOs.. Look for Gamma Loader with 02error fix.
    Thats it! It'll run..

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    -,- there are 30+ topics with how to fix it =\

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    got my wifi working. bya stroke of genius, i changed my router settings but didnt realise i didnt change it on the wii..........


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