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Thread: homebrew hell lol

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    homebrew hell lol

    hi im on IOS36 v4.18 and im trying to install homebrew useing 3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade/Starfall/GammaTutorial but when i get to Custom IOS Downgrader it just restets my wii ,i think its coz i need IOS37 but im not sure
    how to install it or if thats whats even wrong ,if theres any other info need to help me ill have it for you right away

    oh and im really sorry if i sound stupid but i have been looking for about 4 hr's
    today and a copule of hr's yestaday and im still not geting anywhere

    thank's in advance
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    read the guide word for word

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    yeah i upgraded then used the guide

    thank you EoC

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    just a quick few

    1. do i have to have a lg burner to burn games if i download wii iso's???

    2. is there a way to load them from a usb drive like you can with loadmii and .dol files ??

    3. also is there any games i can play multiplayer lan games on the wii with out a internet connection !! ?

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    1. No you don't need an lg burner to burn ISO's, you just need one to read real wii games to burn from them, regular ones just could read burned wii games. If it's ISO you can just burn on to a DVD.

    2. I don't know

    3. Not that I know of...


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