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Thread: Screen Loading Issue...Please Help !

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    Screen Loading Issue...Please Help !

    Hi,This is my first real post here after looking around for awhile, I had a question and this site seems to be the best so here I am.

    First off, I did try to find this out by myself, so if I missed a post that explains it please point me if the right direction and I will tuck tail and go to the corner but I could really use some help here.

    Im using HBC, Starfall, 0.3Gamma Loader and pretty sure Ive got all the needed cIOS thru wad installer.

    Ive got about 10 games running great, however I am having issues with a couple where the game screen itself shows 3 copies of itself....i.e. 3 Nintendo Logos, etc and makes playing impossible.

    I have tried patching games with IOSPatcher which has cleared up issues with a few games (Metroid and MK) but Im still stuck with DK Jet Race, Scarface and More Game Party.

    I see others complaining about screens "shaking" but for me this problem is not so much they shaking (they are actually still) or moving at all.....its just like 3 of the same images when you load it.

    After Loader screen its like my tv is divided into 3 diff parts and all playing the game at the same time. And while most of my library is on dvd+r Ive tried these games on both media and under several different settings (speed,etc)

    On numerous compatibility lists I have seen DK Jet Race and Scarface working and I'd really like to play them but have tried everything I can think of to no avail.

    Anyone who takes the time out of the day to kindly point me in the right direction would be most before mentioned I saw similar problems while searching but not this particular ? but I could have missed it.

    Thanks for your time and any help/advice anyone could offer would be most welcomed!!!!

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    are those "3-copies" games of PAL iso ?
    check ur Force NTSC, PAL 60 status. may be..

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    Hey, Thanks for the reply!!

    Well The DK game is Pal, Scarface is NTSC, not sure about game party but think its NTSC also.

    And yes I tried every option in the loader that was possible:

    force pal
    force ntsc
    force pal 50

    I tried them all with and with out the Vidtv patch option turned on and still no luck.

    Any other suggestions please?

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    the "3-copies" is something related to the tv sync issue.
    recheck ur settings, + the telly too :P

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    Ok sorry if this is super noob question but by recheck do you mean just make sure their plugged in correctly?

    Cause I dont have any issues with any others games, only those 3. Im gonna run in the over room right now and unplug and replug em and give it a try.

    As always, thanks for response!

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    sorry , make u running btw rooms.
    hv u read this ?
    Guide: Region Booting with Gecko OS 1.07B

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    Hey sweet, thanks again man.

    Its late for me so I going to give that a good read tomorrow and I will reply back with the results.

    Really appreciate the responses !!

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    Ok I gave the GeckOS thing a go to no avail either, I read something in the guide you linked to that it was for only mod chipped wiis? I have the soft mod so thats no go for me.

    But I do see a ton of ppl apparently have these games working though(on NTSC soft mod wii), I beg anyone with the answer please help me out here!

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    Are the games really ntsc? Because when i got scarface and gameparty in pal did not work just black and white messed up. when i forced ntsc on those nothing happened just a black screen or green. I redownloaded ntsc versions and both worked great. good luck.

    I got 3.2u wii with starfall and gamma loader
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    Hi, and thanks for response!!

    well I suppose I can redownload if need be but they take awhile so I'd really hate to do that if any way I can fix it.

    Also I dunno if theres any 'real' way to verify it but the scarface game for ex has NTSC in the filename...nearly all the others with the USA/NTSC in the name havent given me any issues.

    I too have seen the black/white shaky screen and the green screen, but not with these 3 games (scarface,more game party, DK jetrace) The 3 screen effect I only get with these for some reason.

    I remember ppl posting comments saying that particular scarface & dk jetrace played on same setup as me (3.2U starfall gamma) but only I seem to be having the issues.

    I'll look around and see if i can find some other copies of this game but its just frustrating that I can see and hear the game load, it just has the goofy arse 3 pics in it and I just cant fix the dang issue! If I wasn't getting any sound or visual it would make me believe the file is corrupt/wrong/etc, but with it 3 games all half loading and others saying it works on said setup I unfortunately am thinking the problem is with me and my wii.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, I really appreciate response, if you or any others have any other ideas please, please share.
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