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Thread: GDR-8163b

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    I have a gdr-8163b that I am selling. Make me an offer. Thanks

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    How much would you be willing to sell the drive for? I am looking into getting one of those drives for my use with my modded wii and wanted to see how much you would figure on selling the drive for?

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    thinking of about $20 plus shipping

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    I would be up for buying that drive from you. I don't have the money right now to buy the drive from you but I should have the money come in a week or two. So if you let me know how much it would cost with shipping and all that would be great thanks.

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    That is fine. Just let me know when you are ready. What is your zip so I can calculate shipping?

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    How would you like for me to go about paying for this drive? Paypal? or something else?
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    Hi do you have another one other than that one
    cuz i will buy it off you .... I live In alliston Ontario
    L9R 1B8

    20 plus shipping
    well tell me what the shipping would be
    and how well the external drive is
    what software do you use with it anyways
    dumping and burning
    could you include it also

    and are you sure the drive works with no problems
    sorry about asking my trust in people is wanning

    let me know

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    I just don't want to buy the drive when the other guy is trying to

    but if you can't let me know

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    Do you know where I could get more of those burners ??
    I can't find it anywhere
    exept for here

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    Sorry for the late reply. School started and they broke into my car... It has been crazy.

    I do have an extra one. I like to use the program friidump and I had the drive in an external enclosure connected to my laptop. I will let you know that there may be times where you may have to start the program then close the drive. You will have times where you have to play with it like that, but overall works great. This is a common practice from what I have read, nothing major.

    Shipping is going to be $17.93 and that is ground. The next one jumps up to like $70.

    Also want to make sure that you know this is not a burner. It is just a DVD drive that reads the games. Once it is dumped onto your computer you will need a burner to play the game. I like to use Nero to burn the games.

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