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Thread: Drive Noise

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    Drive Noise

    So I got the wasabi zero. Installation is all done. Just a quick question. I'm hearing drive noises and the cd eject is a lil slow. I did a little research around the fourms and found out that it was probably because I did not tighten the drive screw tight enough.

    It will a extreme hassle to pull everything back off as I tighten some screws really strong out of bad.

    Any who, just wondering if I just leave it be...will there be any side effects? Or just the noise and slow ejection be all?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Only time will tell... for now go ahead and leave it like that..
    When u really feel like taking it apart again..
    then redo it... as long as it doesnt affect the game play and the console u are fine..
    But depending where you placed the Chip... it may not be even... that's why
    it's making that noise...

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    Yeah it seems fine. Thanks bro.

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    don't over-tigthen the top 4 screws of the dvd-rom.
    the other 4 threaded screws at both sides are 'required' for the reduction of susceptible emi.

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    Oo...thats what I did...over tighten. I'll reassemble after classes today. Thanks.


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