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Thread: Getting Respect on the forum, MADE EASY!

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    Getting Respect on the forum, MADE EASY!

    please read these topics first

    ok ok, heres the shake down, i thought since people dont seem to get what these things mean, im gonna make this simple!

    • posting
    • Donating
    • uploading
    • helping with support

    all help the forum, and will get you respect!

    • asking for help constantly
    • hit/run
    • being lazy
    • spoon feeding

    will get you flamed

    now, heres the main part of this thread, i have noticed more and more and more people tell me, or someone else what they should be doing *not talking about topic people*

    heres the Minimal things you need to think before posting a "helpful post"

    • Am i helping the topic person?
    • is the "bad" post, "THAT bad"?
    • Was the post helpful?
    • do i have a Justified reason?
    • and finally, Is this post productive?

    i wont give you examples of the "good" posts because theirs no such thing!

    basicly if youre posting a attack, without being Above the original person, youre what i called a "burned"

    telling me how to do my job, doesnt make you that great either, in the end come on... i cant do everything, and if i should be, then i think i can Justify having the God Complex =P

    telling someone to just help, doesnt help anyone, they can say what they want, as long as it doesnt violate the rules =\, in the end if he has some help in there, what right do you have to tell him thats not good enough?

    posting that, it can be handeled better is a Joke, anything can be handeled better, be it searching before posting, to anything really... its not sometihng you can say =P

    Telling me or someone how to Contribute isnt gonna help anyone, what makes you think i have to do something over you?

    and finally, bitching about something easily fixable, but not doing it yourself!

    i dont care what you went though to get the Cios 37 Wad, if you dont see it here, and im a bad person for not giving you it, dont tell me about it, post it so its here, and no one else has to "suffer" =\ you just look stupid in the end

    as long as you actually do something, and follow what i said below you will get respect here in NO TIME!

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    if u pm me for help...
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    the only thing I would like to add is

    If you ask a question, and then find the answer elsewhere or even figure it out yourself.................. add another post - to say how you fixed it. Even to the extent of adding the file ( as the Admiral suggested )

    Nothing worse than using the search to find someone has the exact problem as you, only to see the words...." don't bother, I fixed it "
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    uhh i disagree

    you see lets assume everyone uses the forum search at the top of every forum *the one that lets you just type + search* and lets assume everyone searchs

    since google does that one, google bases the answer off views, and the normal forum one, is based off last post

    since the # of views make the usual best one, first its kinda a moot point

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    ok forget the 'search' part of rossy's post - what rossy said is right

    if you DON'T use the search and instead go to somewhere like 'unread posts' and you find someone who has the exact same problem and posts 'dont bother i figured it out' without their solution you ARE going to get a bit pissed off.


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