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Thread: Error checking the System Menu Version!

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    Ca Error checking the System Menu Version!

    I'm trying to install Homebrew 1.0.1. I get all the way to the installer screen. It checks the sytem info and gives me the following: Error checking the System Menu Version!
    After that, it gives me the accept or decline options. Accepting takes me back to the main menu. I'm running menu version 2.2U. Do I need to upgrade the menu? Should I just upgrade via the internet or will upgrading to 3.4 create more problems. New to this so I'm not sure of the best way to proceed from here.

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    i would update to atleast 3.2, and 1.0.1 isnt AMAZING enough to you know waste too much time obtaining

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    Best Update method

    Thank you for the reply.Whats the best way to update to 3.2 (total noob)? Just use AnyRegion Changer or can I choose from the wii console which updates to accept? (Never hooked this console up to internet yet). I notice that you don't seem to think much of 1.01, what would be better?

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    their all good more or less =P


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