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Thread: it dawned on me, i never posted one -,_-,

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    it dawned on me, i never posted one -,_-,

    i know 5,000+ posts, and i never introduced myself XD anytime is better than never =P

    • Name: Grant E. *******
    • Age: Secret =\
    • job: IT, Rep, Support
    • Marital Status: Single, and hate it XD
    • Social Life: None -,_-, and no plans to change that
    • Hobbies:
      1. Reading Manga
      2. Collecting random nicknacks
      3. Electronics
      4. Hacking *duh*
      5. playing Japanese games *love them*
      6. silly things
      7. Sitcoms
      8. conventions
    • Favorite completed manga: Hokuto no ken
    • Favorite ongoing manga: One Piece
    • Favorite actor: Bruce Campbell
    • Favorite book: Make Love! the Bruce Campbell way! *its just so silly xD*
    • Favorite Anime: Gintama *its not as fun to read =P*
    • Top Musical Groups:
      1. Scanch
      2. Soul'd Out
      3. Des Row
    • Top Video Games:
      1. Nintendo: Super Mario Brothers 3
      2. Master System: Sonic 2
      3. Super Nintendo: Donkey Kong Country II
      4. Sega CD: Sonic CD
      5. 32x: Knuckles Chaotics
      6. Vitural Boy: that Jackfrost/Jack o Latern game -,_-,
      7. GameBoy: Pokemon red
      8. Gamegear: Cool Spot *got to love that stupid game xD*
      9. Saturn: Burning Rangers
      10. Nintendo 64: Clay fighter 63 and a 3rd
      11. Gameboy Color: Pokemon =P
      12. Gameboy Advance: Earthworm Jim XD *i always loved that game -,_-,*
      13. Dreamcast: Jet Grind Radio
      14. Playstation: Crash 1
      15. Playstation 2: Disgaea I
      16. Gamecube: Super Smash Brothers Melee
      17. Neo Geo: Metal Slug
      18. Neo Geo Pocket Color: Metal Slug
      19. Xbox: Conker live and reloaded *because i wanted to say clayfighter for N64 =P*
      20. Xbox 360: Onichanbara Vortex
      21. Wii: Taiko no tatsujin
      22. PSP: Ossu Banchou
      23. DS: Jump Ultimate Stars
      24. Playstation 3: Disgaea 3*there might be more systems, but those are all of the top of my head*
    • Favorite type of show: Sitcom
    • Additional Info:
      1. I have Aspergers
      2. I dont like talking to people, because they rarly understand what im talking about
      3. I love Japanese things
      4. and finally im usually bored -,_-,

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    wow... anything else?
    BTW im Tristan

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    Hello and welcome to the forums,

    As I'm a very big noob, I suggest you, help me check out the newbie thread.... Please

    It was made by The God, So you should understand it all perfectly

    Enjoy! =D


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