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Thread: Support, rights, and all that fun stuff -,_-,

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    Support, rights, and all that fun stuff -,_-,

    ok this is part 2, if you want a general overview of the rights i see you having, go read the MK update, those are basicly how i view the forum, and a lot of people can understand this!

    for this topic, sadly im gonna use someone as a example -,_-, you can do what you wish, but he really fits the build of what were talking about

    posts 50+

    basicly NO SUPPORT, nothing given back, but he made like 20 topics looking for support -,_-,

    so from there, today he asked a new topic YAYS just what we need the 21st support topic -.-

    asking a very easy question
    topic is here

    now he DID SAY he searched, now i hate it more when people LIE, and make up things like that... for fun i did my search during this topic to find out how easy it is to find

    Wad 3.4 = all topics have the answer
    wad manager firmware 3.4 = first 2 posts have it 100%
    etc i did 20 others with the words wad, manager, firmware, and 3.4 and EVERY TIME the first 2 posts ATLEAST had the answer.... thats more than enough to say, you didnt search

    everyone told him to search, because well as you can see, thats a topic that has no justified reason to exist, outside of lazyness... to which he Attacked everyone whom told him to search, because he "did" *though i dont know what words he was using but i got it every time -,_-, using the forum search at the top of every forum*

    sadly more and more and more recently
    i had someone asking about Alt forms of thee twilight hack *its called that for a reason =P*

    i replied to him saying
    you couldnt search -,_-,
    its not doable

    he replies
    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemeaniex View Post
    You have no patience for people, do you. People ask questions and rather than respond, you make some short quip about what they should have done, then answer the question.

    Just answer the question.

    I now invite you to get off of your high horse and join the rest of the underlings in the world who know that knowledge about softmoding a Wii doesn't entitle you to being so aloof on a message board.
    this is a person with 2 posts have you

    YOU GOT YOUR HELP, you dont have a right to tell me how to help you, if it doesnt violate the rules you cant tell him no, and in the end you got what you wanted... what gives you the right, guess what NOTHING GIVES YOU THE RIGHT

    another and final example
    Quote Originally Posted by mayhem69 View Post
    Yea, i found that out after going to ANOTHER forum. Couldn't find anywhere on THIS forum about doing that! A little more detailed help from this community would be nice. You have to remember not everybody on this forum is tech savvy like you.
    Anyway, i got the .wad installed on my SD root, used the CIOS37 installer. It installed perfectly!
    I tried loading from Gamma, and it starts and stops loading over and over, nothing. I tried loading with Gecko OS and the drive sounds like it's reading, but there is a black screen. What else can i do to try to play this game?
    i told someone to search for the wad for Cios 37, and got that....

    this is a free forum
    no one gets paid to be here
    you are giving nothing to be here! *joining doesnt count, since a guest can search and read the topics here*
    • few bucks
    • help a few people
    • post in a few intros
    • post a few game reviews
    • something, anything, GIVE BACK WHAT YOU TAKE, or dont expect these rights, because you dont have them

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    Red face Mkwii fun

    Hey All... I'm hosting a competition...
    The rules and everything are on my website
    But it will be very fun... Well for me....

    To go to my site --> ###### <-- Pce...

    ^^^^^ 30 days in RR ^^^^^^^
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    Lmao @ the above post.....


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