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Thread: Wasabi V3..solderless but not working

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    Wasabi V3..solderless but not working

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks in advance for any answers and sorry if people have asked a similar thing already. I have just spent about 6 hours today messing around with this and not got anywhere fast so hope someone can help.

    Bought the Wassabi V3 solderless from Nintendo Cards and Accessories Online - Pinpoint Games UK - Nintendo Cards and Accessories – Pinpoint Games a few weeks ago, was waiting for a triblade screwdriver to arrive from china which came today.

    Followed all instructions and watched a couple of videos on it before trying it for myself. No problems, everything seemed to go ok except it would not play backup games.

    The light went red and then green when turned on, none of the pins are bent or plastic mashed etc

    Someone suggested soldering the pins F-Q which I tried, when I did that it wouldn't play any discs at all. So removed that wire quickly.

    Now, I am running V3.4e on my wii and the clip says V5B on it. I am in the UK. I don't really want to solder on to the wii itself as I am not very good and the solder I have is too big to be fiddling around with.

    If I need to solder then so be it but what do I need to do to get this to work please? I really coulds do with getting this up and running asap, I have wasted enough time today with it already.

    Any help and a picture or two as well would be very, very, very much appreciated.

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    what does the clip look like?

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    just to update, it looks exactly like the one in plus I have no successfully soldered the chip direct to the board as per that picture....didn't work, it would play neither originals nor backups, which was the same thing that happened when i soldered f-q.

    I have taken the wire off the main board again now, the clip is in but will not play very bizarre

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    you shouldnt have all the Letters Soldered, odds are thats your issue, a lot of people have this problem =\

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    It is just so very frustrating. Have burned down about 6 different discs of different makes from verbatim, ri-disc, tuff disc at 2 speed and 4 speed and nothing, it just will not recognise them. It picks up the originals fine, I can't understand it, maybe I have got a dud

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    I didn't solder them all myself, I bought it like that!!! Yes, all the letters are soldered, which ones should not be? Is annoying the hell out of me?

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    Anyone????? Please this is most frustrating, I bought this clip as I was told it would work with any wii. I don't have the homebrew channel so I can't even downgrade the firmware to see if that is an issue. If anyone can help at all then please let me know


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