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Thread: downgrade to 3.2u still ask syetem update

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    downgrade to 3.2u still ask syetem update

    I downgraded my Wii from 3.4u to 3.2u. Then I inserted Wii Fit disc which I know is system menu 3.1u. But the left upper cornor box still shows "system update". What's wrong?

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    =.= are you serious.....

    you got to block them, or OF COURSE ITS GONNA WANT TO UPDATE YOU!

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    I don't have a modchip in my Wii. It's 3.2u right now.
    I just want to play my legit Wii Fit disc with the upper left box.
    But it asks system update. That means my softmodded 3.2u is not really 3.2u.
    if I do the system update, will my Wii be 3.2u or 3.1u? or will I brick my Wii?
    Can anybody explain this to me? thanks.

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