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Thread: help pls about wad on wii 3.4

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    help pls about wad on wii 3.4

    my friend give me his wii me to put homebrew channel he had a 3.3 e software i put his wii 3.4 e software from internet i install homebrew channell succefull on his wii when i try to put any wad it didnt install any wad it says all the time erorr i cant use wad what an i do pls help me i told him promise to do it i dont wnna be shame plshelp

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    -.- you didnt even pretend to search, so im not even gonna pretend to help

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    The info for what your looking for is all over this site. PLease before you ask questions do your own research that is how everyone else does it. So take some time and help yourself before you ask someone to hold your hand. Many people will help after you have tried to help yourself. It is probably harder for you to post this thread than it is to find the answer to your question.

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    first i did search but im not sure is it about after 23 october upgrade if its this i cant still install ios 16-64v257 but its still says eror i dont understand i know somany stuff about wii but i never seen this issue before could you tell me what can i do

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    number 1: LOOK IT UP

    number 2: your english is crap. i can barely understand you (mainly the first post)

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    You hAve been acting spoiled since you joined good bye

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    yes he was and you done right things to kick him out

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    I think an IP ban may be needed.

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    i agree very much.

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    I wonder why he decided to post that. everyone with brains could have figured that if you post that against an official staff, you will get banned. Perfect example how to get banned quickly.

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