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Thread: Forecast channel not working

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    Forecast channel not working

    Hi, I installed my Wasabi Zero and a couple of days i took my Wii apart again to move some of the wires to the side and change the chip placement so it is off to the side. My weather channel will not download current statistics but stays at 2/1/09, it didn't do this before.
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    dont you need Connect24 for that?

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    Yes, standby mode and everything is enabled, i have the same kind of problem with the news channel, it will display the current headlines but unable to download the news. Wii Shop channel and Mii channels work, but forecast doesn't =).

    Thanks for the quick reply
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    i'm having the exact same problem. i updated to 3.4 and then downgraded to 3.2 and the Wii Connect 24 stopped working. i'm convinced it's an IOS/CIOS based problem since those are the only changes i've made to the Wii.

    i am thinking of bumping it back up to 3.4 and seeing if that restores the connection. failing that, i might do a full reset to factory.

    any suggestions?


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    Wii Reset

    1. Turn on Wii.
    2. Back up your game saves to SD card.
    3. Turn off Wiiconnect24 in your settings.
    4. Turn off Wii. Unplug Wii.
    5. Plug in Wii and turn on system.
    6. Make sure Wiiconnect24 is still off and format Wii memory.
    7. setup all your settings.
    8. Turn on Wiiconnect24 and check to make sure your news channel and forecast channel will again update and run as normal. Don't forget you will have to set up your internet connection and time and date settings again.
    9. Turn off Wii. DO NOT UNPLUG.
    10. That should get the updating back to normal.
    11. If upon first insert of a disc, you get a read error. Unplug and plug back in the system. Everything should then be fine.

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    Worked =). No disc read error or anything, it even got rid of the news error i kept getting.

    Thanks again!
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