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Thread: Need some help.

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    Need some help.

    Hi! Could anyone help me out on these two questions please? I really need them answered.

    How do you port NTSC Codes to EU Codes?
    Could you port the following codes from NTSC to EU please?
    04E936C0 60000000
    0400BDD8 60000000
    206E23C0 00000408
    C0000000 00000003
    3E4080E6 827217AC
    3A737FFF 927217AC
    4E800020 00000000
    E2000001 00000000
    206E23C0 00000404
    C0000000 00000003
    3E0080E6 823017AC
    3A318001 923017AC
    4E800020 00000000
    B up to go up B down to go down.

    Can Add Furniture, Move Furniture, And Take Furniture In Other Villagers' Houses And While Other Villagers Are In Your House [brkirch]
    04162758 38600001
    040ABC74 38600000
    04168FC8 38600001
    C213E090 00000006
    8061000C 2C030000
    40800020 3FE08044
    3C604BFF 6063FF4C
    907FD64C 83FFD64C
    57E30FFE 9061000C
    83E1001C 00000000

    Text to Item (Plus + Z + C after you send the message)
    286DFC80 9FEF6010
    C0000000 0000000C
    3F608062 637B5477
    38A00000 3920000C
    8D5B0002 2C0A003A
    41800008 394A0009
    714A000F 7D4A4830
    7CA55214 3929FFFC
    2C090000 4080FFDC
    3F6090E2 637BEB22
    3FC0805D 8BDE2477
    38600000 606386C0
    7FDE19D6 7F7BF214
    B0BB0000 4E800020
    E0000000 80008000

    This is for Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City by the way!
    I'd be so happy! Thank you.

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    theres a topic, with all the codes for the EU game -.- no one is gonna just help someone with 1 post, by sending the time converting them

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    Could you give me the link please?

    There are some good people on this Earth that could help me...

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    its in my How to Hack AC topic -,_-,

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    Ok... Thanks.

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    Well it's a bit hard to find. Could you give me a link please?

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    text to item

    there is no pal version of the text to item code in any forum on this site and your how to hack ac is for the ntsc version of the game so how is that going to help me with getting the pal version of the text to item code?
    please tell me!

    come on tell me.
    there is definitly no pal ac codes on this site so can somebody port the ntsc version of the text to item code into a pal version?
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    i thought people were meant to help each other with there code problems. all i see is somebody posting about a help thread. that is for the ntsc version. we want some pal version help. the ntsc version has everything the pal version has nothing!!!!


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