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Thread: PSP or Nintendo DS?

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    PSP or Nintendo DS?

    What teh heck!? I was in Game yesterday and a guy was trying to sell this Kid the DS over the pSP? Is he flippin mental? Maybe it depends if you were brought up as a mario kid or a sonic the hedgehog kid...then Im still pSP all the way!!! I luv ma psp i do.... atdiw-----please could you tell me how to put the homebrew stuff on my psp-im so confused

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    Yeah a PSP is better then a DS, for sure.

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    If youre 12 and under or a girl - Nintendo Anyone else - PSP

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    DS=more games PSP=more graphics

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    The D.S. IS a lot of fun.

    I have one. There's a cancer going around the net that just because the PSP has better graphics then it's a better game all in all. The D.S. has better games. It's got a touchscreen too. The PSP has okay games, nice graphics, no touchscreen.
    it depends on your taste, are you a mario-cartoon person, or a hardcore sports dude? It's all about the personality. I'd date a guy with a PSP rather than the guy with the DS though

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    ucrguy you're wrong sorry man. If you home brew you're psp which is simple if you follow the instructions it is possible which I have a home brew psp right now. I got ps1 games on my psp that's the entire ps1 library of games, I can get n64 games on it too but they still have bugs. all psp games snes games sega games and multiple others with the right emulators. Psp owns the ds in every way. Movies music, internet, wifi, and the graphics.

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    I "think" the Nitendo DS is for llttle kids& teens because of the games. I like the PSP better because, you could watch *movies,memories cards,has media & play video games too. You can also even upgrade the PSP!!! The only thing that I like the Nitendo DS is the touch screen & thats it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by atdiw View Post
    Psp owns the ds in every way. Movies music, internet, wifi, and the graphics.
    Yeah right DS owns PSP.
    Movies/music i have an IPOD for that.
    Internet there is an Internet Browser for DS.
    Games/Graphics: DS please. (at least they have more games Besides Luminus)

    Besides PSP was a mistake shown by X-play. it does not have a 2nd analogue stick makeing Shooting games much harder (and no Camera control). Long Loading Times(which gets anoying) and there are not much game manufactures makeing good games for it any more.

    and every single friend i know of that has a PSP either Sold it or never actually played on it anymore.


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