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Thread: Black Screen when loading Ori/Backup disc

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    Lightbulb Black Screen when loading Ori/Backup disc

    My Wii is working with GeckoOS1.07b but not at the original Menu to load game.

    1) When I insert disc, Wii able to read disc and show the game title at main menu. When I click 'start', it will black screen and remote disconnected with wii LED in green. This happen to both Ori & backup game.

    2) At this moment, only 4 game able to run from original menu.
    - Asterix at the Olympic Games, cooking mama, Mario&Sonic at the Olympic Games, Manhunt

    3) I have reinstall following IOS.
    IOS9, IOS11, IOS12, IOS13, IOS14, IOS15, IOS17, IOS20, IOS21, IOS22, IOS28, IOS30, IOS31, IOS33, IOS34, IOS35, IOS36, IOS37, IOS38

    4) My wii is USA NTSC with D2C chip. System menu 3.2U and cIOS36 installed.

    From the above details, can anyone help to guess where goes wrong?
    Why my ori/backup disc will black screen after click start?


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    have u sorte it out yet? i can get backup games work but now when i try original wii games they dont work, i only get a black screen, i've been useing title deleter and may have deleted 1 of ios files that is used to play oriinal games, anyone know what ios file i need to reinstall to fix it? pls help me cos i cant reformat my wii incase i cant get twilight game to work cos then i will have a bricked wii, help me help me help me lol

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    I take it you can't remember what IOS you deleted? Have a look at this list and see if you can work it out...

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    sorry mate i dont undrestand about that screen, but i've been looking around and maybe ios9 is the one that makes originals work and i've had a look on my wii and i've not got that ios anymore so maybe thats it, but is there anyway i can get my wii reset to normal and get everything off it and start again? thanks anyway mate
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