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Thread: bleach versus cruasde issue :{

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    bleach versus cruasde issue :{

    o.k im new at this hacking stuff ,I never hacked my wii before ,I got a PAL Wii with a wiki version 1.9 (i think ) ,I want to play bleach versus cruasde but as much as I heared I can't because the game requirs some "homebrew" ,so...Im new and i will be thankfull to you if you will help me here from the start right into the end (which is when the game will work perfectly)

    thanks for your attention
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    it doesnt, it requires a update =\ search for it, its posted so many times if you cant find it im not sorry for you

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    how does the update called?you know ,so ill be able to do a search about it ,again -thanks for your helping


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