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Thread: Wii software mod - ISOloader

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    Wii software mod - ISOloader

    Hello. A friend of mine has a Nintendo Wii and is happy with it, but he only has one game.

    I want to help him getting more games. I saw that it could be done without a hardware mod chip that voids warranty.

    Before I am going to spend a lot of time, I'd like to know. Is it fairly easy to play games as Wii Karts, Wii Sports, etc. using this ISOloader?

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    HAHAHAHA NO, and it voids the warranty

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    You could have spent a few minutes and read the FAQ's and guides to find your answers. I too was new to this and had no idea about Homebrew and whatnot just a month ago, but I read read read on here and now I have almost 40 games and not once did I ever have to ask a question on here because all my questions are already answered on the forums, just!!

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    Thanks everybody! I apologize for being a lazy ass and I should indeed read the manual, read my pb's (somebody wanted to help me, that's so sweet!!) and check out some youtube video's about people bragging about their wii setup!

    It's just too bloody expensive! I'd end up investing 1000,- if I'd go down the straight way. And I am just not a straight person.


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